Everything You Need to Know About CMA Coaching Centers!

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When you decide to take classes for your CMA levels, choosing a CMA coaching center can be a tricky task, especially in these current times, where education is online. Most of you have landed on this blog confused about different things, while some of you might be worrying that studying from the CMA coaching centers online would be equally beneficially like in person while others might worry about whether the fees structures are too high or how to trust that this is CMA coaching center I can trust with all my subjects. Well, sit back and relax because after reading this blog, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to expect and observe.


  1. Quality of CMA Coaching centers across India
  2. What is the Mode of classes CMA coaching centers are offering?
  3. The material provided by CMA Coaching centers
  4. Languages in which coaching centers teach
  5. Fees Structure to expect
  6. Timeline for CMA coaching classes
  7. How to get the best out of your CMA Coaching centers?
  8. Why you should choose TopLad CMA Classes

Quality of CMA Coaching centers across India:

It is a great career step if you decide to go for the CMA certification, particularly when you aspire to make it big in the area of accounting management, but it is equally crucial that you know every detail about the course, qualifications, exam structure, salaries, and the opportunities it would bring before getting into it and on only this choosing a coaching center from where you are going to take the help in the field can also be a very tricky task.

A student has to complete three stages of CMA exams – the CMA Foundation, CMA Inter, and CMA Final – to be a CMA, and at any given level you feel like you require some extra help, you start to search for a CMA coaching center, now the qualities one should keep in mind while finding the best center for them should have :

  • An affordable fees structure
  • Provide the study material not only in paper form but also in digital form, especially after covid where the coaching centers are closed to study offline.
  • Doubt classes availability, and recordings of the previous classes.
  • How are they preparing you during the last days before the exams start, are they making you solve previous papers?

What is the mode of classes CMA coaching centers are offering?

For most CMA aspirants, a CMA study is going to require a solid set of materials in the form of a CMA course. This is the best way to ensure that you are covering all of the subject matter and have a reliable strategy for test day. CMA study materials may include video lessons, textbooks, practice tests, and exam question banks. All of these will add up to a rigorous and thorough exposure to the right knowledge, so you can get the right score.

Before covid-19, the classes were provided in the center, face to face, along with whiteboards and notes, which was obviously better than attending online classes, as when you are face to face learning something, the communication is two-way, thus making it better to understand.

But, if you are planning to join a coaching center in recent times, you might be aware of the fact that in the starting maybe you have to study online as coaching centers are closed for offline lectures due to Covid-19.

Well, the first research you should do is to see how the coaching center is teaching,

  • On which platforms they are holding the classes.
  • Is it comfortable with you to use it.
  • How are they providing you with the lectures if you want to go through them again?  
  • What if you want an individual lecture session about a particular topic.
  • What if you have doubts after the class? Will they create an individual meet for you?

The material provided by CMA Coaching centers:

Notes and Hardcover books are things that is being used as material for education for ages, but, since we have the privilege of being born in this digital era, everything we want is available with just one click.

For instance, TopLad provides its student the study material in pen drive, Google link, e-book, and hardcover book, so you get various options how you want it as per your convenience, not only this but they are also providing smart & comfortable Class Room (Projector, Recordings AC etc) & Classes Available in Mobile App & Face To Face.

Languages in which coaching centers teach:

The languages which are most frequently used are English and Hindi. Thus, it gives you a choice to decide whatever is comfortable for you. But, yet again it does matter from which state you are because obviously if you will join a CMA coaching center in your state offline, you will have the benefit of studying in your local language as well.

Many coaching centers online are now providing lecture videos in both Hindi and English which is a benefit for the students.

Fees Structure to expect:

Well, fees structure often varies from center to center as not every coaching center provides the same quality education, still, an estimated structure for

  • CMA foundation lies in between Rs.25,000-Rs.30,000.
  • For CMA intermediate group 1 and group 2 it often lies in between Rs.30,000-Rs.40,000.
  • For CMA final group 1 and group 2 it’s in between Rs.35,000-Rs.45,000.

Some coaching centers also provide the combo classes for both the groups in intermediate and final. For CMA intermediate, both the groups’ together costs around 50,000-70,000 and for CMA final, both the groups together cost around 60,000-80,000.

Timeline for CMA coaching classes:

Duration of Coaching for Foundation course or a group in intermediate or final course is for 4 months having a minimum of 240 lectures and tutorial classes per group. The timings of the classes are generally between 45 minutes to 1 hour. If a student desire to have extra classes after finishing the period of 4 months they can ask the coaching center for individual extra classes, sometimes some coaching centers might provide it for free, while some of them might charge some extra depending upon the subject you want extra classes for.

How to get the best out of your CMA Coaching centers?

Now a day, students have the privilege to see how a coaching center is teaching because since the covid hit, most of the coaching centers are posting their classes on YouTube, holding live sessions, thus it gives students to experience different coaching centers for free before finalizing one which they liked the best.

Well, every coaching center gives its best to the students, it mostly depends upon the students how they seize the knowledge they are getting and use it to benefit themselves. Because of covid, it often seems like all the coaching centers have worked harder and worked irrespective of time as taking online classes can be a very hectic job.

We have the privilege to be born in the digital era, where you can gain as much knowledge as you like on any topic your brain can think of, thus taking advantage of it is in your own hands. Use the recorded class to clear your doubts about the already covered topic, and ask them to schedule an individual class for you to clear your doubts.

For example, you can visit TopLad”s YouTube account and see how much effort all the faculties are putting up so that the quality of the classes and knowledge is not compromised.

Why you should choose TopLad CMA Classes:

Toplad is one of the finest CMA coaching centers in the field today. It has some of India’s best faculties, which hold great experience in the field. They provide many lectures in both Hindi and English, which I feel is a great feature. They also provide many unique features like:

  • Video Lectures
  • Past Paper videos, where they have the past year’s papers solved by their best faculties.
  • Capsule videos, which are 100% exam-oriented preparations.
  • Mock test papers
  • Individual face-to-face classes
  • Chapter Wise Videos. You can buy chapter-based classes for all the subjects from Foundation/Inter/Final from the best faculty under one roof without worrying to pay for the whole subject. You can also just choose your Favorite Faculty and buy your particular chapter.

To unlock many other unique features visit TopLad’s website now: TopLad CMA