CA Final Costing Classes: What Will You Study?

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CA Final Costing classes will cover Paper 5 - Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (SCMPE) of your CA Final syllabus.  Let's read about it in detail.

CA Final level is the very last level of examination in your chartered accountancy course. It consists of two groups i.e., Group 1 and Group 2. ICAI has released a new syllabus for CA Final in 2022 which will be implemented very soon. CA Final old syllabus has 8 papers, 4 in each group whereas the new syllabus contains 6 papers, 3 in each group. CA Final new syllabus is given below for your reference. 

CA Final New Syllabus

As per the latest amendments, the CA Final course will consist of two groups, each will consist of 3 papers. Previously there were 4 papers in each group of CA Final. 

CA Final Papers
Group 1
  • Paper 1: Financial Reporting (100 marks) 
  • Paper 2: Advanced Financial Management (100 marks) 
  • Paper 3: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (100 marks) 

Group 2 
  • Paper 4: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (100 marks) </span
  • Paper 5: Indirect Tax Laws (100 marks)
  • Paper 6: Integrated Business Solutions (100 marks)

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CA Final Syllabus (November 2022) 

CA Final old syllabus consists of two groups; Group 1 and Group 2. Both of these groups contain 4 papers each which are given below:

Group I
  • Financial Reporting (CA Paper-1)
  • Strategic Financial Management (CA Paper-2)
  • Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (CA Paper-3)
  • Corporate and Economic Laws (CA Paper-4)

Group II
  • Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (CA Paper-5)
  • Risk Management (CA Paper-6A)
  • Financial Services and Capital Markets (CA Paper-6B)
  • International Taxation (CA Paper-6C)
  • Economic Laws (CA Paper-6D)
  • Global Financial Reporting Standards (CA Paper-6E)
  • Multidisciplinary Case Study (CA Paper-6F)
  • Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (CA Paper-7)
  • Indirect Tax Laws (CA Paper-8)

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CA Final Costing Classes: What it Covers? 

CA Final Costing classes will cover Paper 5 – Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (SCMPE) of your CA Final syllabus. 

The objective of this paper is as follows:

(a) To apply various cost management techniques for planning and controlling performance in order to set, monitor, and control strategic objectives.

(b) To develop skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in cost management to address challenges and issues which might affect or influence the management of performance within organizations.

There are two parts to this paper:
  • Part A: Strategic Cost Management and Decision Making: This is further divided into two sub-parts, Strategic Cost Management and Strategic Decision Making.
  • Part B: Performance Evaluation and Control: This is divided into two parts, Performance Evaluation & Reporting and Managerial Control. 

CA Final Costing Classes: What will you study? 

Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

At CA Intermediate level, students studied the basic concepts of cost management and now in CA Final, they will be introduced to the management objectives of cost management for better cost control and cost reduction. This subject will teach chartered accountants to internally monitor an organization’s performance by developing their evaluation and analytical skills. 

Chartered accountants in an organization advise professionals on how to keep the cost low, ensure better use of resources, keep revenue high and suggest changes for the growth of the business.  A capable CA will formulate strategies for optimum utilization of a firm’s resources and achieving better financial results and improved decision making. 

Strategic cost management and performance evaluation paper will teach students about the formulation of cost planning, setting up an efficient cost control mechanism, and assisting the board in taking better decisions. This subject is very important for a successful career as a chartered accountant in India. 

Topics to be covered:
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Strategic Decision Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Reporting
  • Managerial Control
  • Case Studies

Costing CA Final Study Material 

Study material and resources for these classes include:

How much does CA Final costing classes cost? 

The cost for CA Final costing classes will depend on whether you take classes for the paper individually or in a combo. CA course combo classes will consist of a combination of all papers in group 1 or group 2. 

Individual classes will cost around Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000. For combo video classes, it may cost around Rs.30,000 – Rs. 40,000. 

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