CMA Course Fees Structure 2022 | How Much Does It Cost To Become A CMA?

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CMA Course Fees: CMA course in India has been gaining a lot of popularity among commerce students and students who want to work in the financial sector in the last few years. Over 75,000 students took admitted to the CMA course in the past year. It is now being referred to as the “course of the future”.

No doubt, CMA is an excellent choice for many, but how much does it cost to be one? What is the fee structure of CMA course in India?

The total fee to become a CMA in India will include the registration and application fees along with some additional expenses, the coaching fees for studying, and re-attempts.

In this article, we will take you through all of these in detail and then reach a conclusion on how much it really costs to be a CMA.

CMA Course Fees Structure: Registration and Exam Fees

CMA course consists of three levels; CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate, and CMA Final. The fee structure for all three is provided below.

CMA Course Fees for Foundation

Registration fees INR 6000
Exam application fees INR 1200

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So, the total fee for the Foundation level is INR 7200.

CMA Course Fees for Intermediate

Registration fees INR 23,100
Registration fee with installments INR 12000 + 11,100
Exam application fees (single group) INR 1200
Exam application fees (both groups) INR 2400

So, the total fee for the Intermediate level is INR 25,500.

CMA Course Fees for Final

Registration fees INR 25000
Registration fee with installments INR 15000 + 10000
Exam application fees (single group) INR 1400
Exam application fees (both groups) INR 2800

So, the total fee for the Final level is INR 27,800.

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CMA Foundation Online Classes

CMA Inter Online Classes

CMA Final Online Classes

CMA Course Fee Structure: Coaching Classes

When preparing for CMA exams, it is a requirement to attend professional coaching for all three levels. You can enroll in any recognized coaching institution.

How much will these classes cost? That is given down below.

Note, that the figures are approximate

  • Coaching fees for CA Foundation: Rs.20,000
  • Coaching fees for CA Intermediate both groups: Rs.60,000
  • Coaching fees for CA Final both groups: Rs.1,00,000

There might be some extra expenses for buying study material such as notes, mock test papers, or past year papers. Some institutes include these in their packages and some charge extra so the final cost will depend on that condition.

You can check out TopLad’s online classes and video lectures starting at just Rs.14000 for the foundation full course, Rs.24,000 for the Intermediate both groups, and Rs15,000 for the Final both groups.

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If a student fails any examination, then he or she can re-attempt that exam as many times as possible. Keep in mind that your CMA registration is only valid for 7 years after which you will have to pay a nominal fee and revalidate your registration. Therefore, re-attempts can take up some extra money also, especially when more coaching classes are involved.

So to sum up, the CMA course fees in India include registration fees, examination fees, and the fee for taking coaching classes for all levels. If you calculate, it costs around 2-3 Lakhs to complete your CMA course.