CMA Inter Study Material: How to Get Results

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You have cleared CMA foundation level and now it’s time to knock down intermediate, and to do that, you need resources. Good quality effective resources. Then you have come to the right place. We will provide you quality CMA Inter study material along with tips on how to use them. Intermediate level has two groups, 1 &2, which you can attempt together or individually. In this article, I will provide you with the CMA study material for both groups and also the effective ways to use those study materials to get results.

When you are studying for an intermediate exam, whether you decide to attempt both groups together or separately, prepare and study for group 1 first and proceed with group 2. Don’t mix their subjects and contents which will just lead you to confusion.

Let’s look at the study material you’ll need for your preparation.

CMA Inter Study Material

Here is a list of study material you will surely need for a successful exam preparation:

  1. CMA Previous year papers with solutions
  2. CMA Mock test paper
  3. Capsule videos
  4. CMA Books
  5. Notes
  6. Test series and practice manuals

CMA Inter Study Material and How to Use Them

A good set of study material is very essential if you want to successfully clear your intermediate exam, but it is equally important to know how to use them.

CMA previous year question papers with solutions

Previous year papers help you understand what is the pattern of exam, what kind of questions will come and how to answer them correctly. By carefully reading and analyzing papers for past few years, you can gather this information.

  • Before you start attempting the papers, firstly study the course properly. Study all the subjects and then only start attempting these papers, otherwise you will not be able to understand the questions, or answer them correctly and end up feeling demotivated.
  • Once you have studied, start reading all of them thoroughly to understand the exam pattern, what kind of question are asked? What are the different sections? Which topics arrive more frequently? Understand the question paper.
  • Learn how to best answer them, what information to provide and how to not over do your answers. Understand the marking scheme.
  • Start attempting some papers and score yourself.
  • Learn the topics you don’t know

Note: To get the previous year papers for intermediate group 1 & 2 all subjects with solution from the best faculty in India. Start practicing now and get the best results.

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Mock Test Papers

Mock test papers are the most essential part of your preparation. You should attempt one every day. You are required to get minimum of 40% in all individual papers of both groups. Attempt mock tests for all papers of both groups individually as well as together to ace them all.

  • Attempt at least one mock test paper everyday
  • Aim to complete it in exam time
  • Attempt it in one sitting so you get used to it
  • Keep record of your daily scores and evaluate
  • Figure out your strengths (where you score good already), weakness (topics you score low in but can study more and improve) and threats (topics you score extremely low in and cannot improve). Improve on your weaknesses and try to leave out your threats. This helps decrease any negative marking.
  • See which sections need help and practice them more

Note: To get the mock test papers for intermediate group 1 & 2 all subjects. The best way to achieve results.

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Capsule videos

Once you have studied for months and completed your full courses, you can use capsule course for revision. When your exam is near, that is the best time for a quick revision of all the important topics and tips. It is impossible to retain all the information that you acquired through your studying. Revision is therefore very essential to hammer that information deep in your mind so you don’t forget it.

If in case you didn’t start your preparation yet and your exam is near, then just go for capsule videos/ crash course instead of starting a full course that could take months. They are your best shot!

Note: Get capsule videos for revision. Complete exam revision in less than 10 hours

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Books and Notes

While studying for your CMA inter exam, you should also refer to books for the same. Books can be super effective. They can cover all resources like syllabus, mock test papers, practice test and answers all in one. Getting the right book is all you need. Notes are easier to understand and can also be used for revision. Always make your own notes as well while you are taking a course.

Here are some good CMA books from the best certified faculties in India.

Notes from our faculties

Authentic notes written by top certified CMA’s

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For more study material such as comprehensive notes, test series and practice manuals, check out our CMA intermediate online courses.


Here is a complete guide for using CMA inter study material
  • Gather all information about course, subjects, passing criteria and exam details
  • Enroll in a coaching institute, online or offline, and start taking your lectures
  • Refer to books and notes for better understanding
  • Make you own notes
  • Start doing mock test papers after you have studied enough of your course
  • Look at previous year papers and solutions and start practicing them
  • At the end of your preparation, take a crash course
  • Keep practicing mock test papers till the end