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Group Subject Faculty Video Coverage Sale Mode Price Action
CMA Foundation
Subject Paper-2Fundamentals of Financial And Cost Accounting (FFCA) (Paper-2) Faculty
Subject Paper-4Business Economics And Management (FBEM) (Paper-4) Faculty
Subject Paper-3Business Mathematics And Statistics (FBMS) (Paper-3) Faculty
Subject Paper-1Fundamentals of Business Laws And Business Communication (FBLC) (Paper-1) Faculty
CMA Inter Group 1
Subject Paper-5Business Laws And Ethics (BLE) (Paper-5) Faculty
Subject Paper-6Financial Accounting (FA) (Paper-6) Faculty
Subject DITX Paper 7Direct AND Indirect Taxation (DITX) Paper 7 Faculty
Subject Paper 7ADirect Taxation (Paper 7A) Faculty
Subject Paper 7BIndirect Taxation (Paper 7B) Faculty
Subject Paper-8Cost Accounting (CA) (Paper-8) Faculty
CMA Inter Group 2
Subject Paper-10 Corporate Accounting And Auditing (CAA) (Paper-10 ) Faculty
Subject Paper-11AFinancial Management (Paper-11A) Faculty
Subject Paper-11BBusiness Data Analytics (Paper-11B) Faculty
Subject Paper-12Management Accounting (MA) (Paper-12) Faculty
CMA Final Group 3
Subject Paper-16Strategic Cost Management (SCM) (Paper-16) Faculty
Subject Paper-15Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation (DIT) (Paper-15) Faculty
Subject Paper-14Strategic Financial Management (SFM) (Paper-14) Faculty
Subject Paper-13Corporate And Economic Laws (CEL) (Paper-13) Faculty
CMA Final Group 4
Subject Paper-19Indirect Tax Laws And Practice (ITLP) (Paper-19) Faculty
Subject Paper-18Corporate Financial Reporting (CFR) (Paper-18) Faculty
Subject Paper-17Cost And Management Audit (CMAD) (Paper-17) Faculty
CMA Final Electives
Subject Paper-20CEntrepreneurship And Startup (ENTS) (Paper-20C) Faculty
Subject Paper-20BRisk Management In Banking And Insurance (RMBI) (Paper-20B) Faculty
Subject Paper-20AStrategic Performance Management And Business Valuation (SPMBV) (Paper-20A) Faculty

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