CMA Pendrive Classes

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Pendrive classes are pre-recorded video classes and will come to your house/place in a pendrive

Choosing where and how to take CMA classes and what to expect from them for all the levels can be a tricky task, especially in these current times, where education is online and thus most classes for CMA are now online. But online education doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the quality of education at all, instead, taking advantage of such opportunities can help you in the process. Let’s talk deep about the modes of online education such as CMA pendrive classes, how beneficial they are and where can you get the best.

What are the modes of classes in online education? when you opt for online CMA classes, what are the modes in which you have the option of taking classes?

You can either attend live sessions if provided by the coaching institute or the most common way i.e. taking recorded video lectures which will be provided to you either in pen drive or a google drive link.

CMA Live Classes 

In live sessions, your coaching institute will provide you with the schedule and the joining links for all classes. You will have to adhere to their schedule and guidelines and complete your studying accordingly. Live sessions can be fun and full of interesting interactions which will keep you energetic and attentive. You can choose which subject to take classes for or take classes for an entire group together. It is generally up to you.

Remember in live sessions, you will not have a lot of freedom to create your own schedule and will have to work according to the teacher. Some students understand better in a strict schedule that a live class contains and an energetic environment. But others prefer a quiet and peaceful environment and plan their own schedule which they can improvise whenever needed. It is very essential for a student to know what works best for him and then pick the right course of action.

CMA Pendrive Classes

A CMA pendrive class basically means that coaching classes will come to your house/place in a pendrive. These are pre-recorded encrypted classes which are generally played on laptops via a player/software provided by the classes themselves and generally you get the books/material along with it. If you opt for pendrive classes, they will be sent to you by your coaching institute at your home and you can start studying as you wish.

What will these CMA pendrive classes include?

  • Your pendrive will include all the topics and a complete explanation of the paper/group that you chose to take classes for. For instance, if you took pendrive classes for paper- 7 Direct Taxation, it should cover the classes for the entire subject in detail.
  • A good quality class can include some notes or tests series to improve your preparation

What are the advantages of CMA pendrive classes?

Opting for pendrive mode of classes is a smooth and effective way of studying. let’s see how it benefits you.

  • They are Portable: you can use them anywhere anytime
  • Replay as much as you want: in a live class, if you failed to understand a topic thoroughly, you might not be able to ask the teacher to explain it to you again and again but with a recorded Pendrive class, it is totally up to you to replay it until you understand.
  • Plan your own schedule: since you can use these classes anytime, you can plan your schedule according to you. Whether you like to study bright and early in the morning or you are a night owl, you can use this opportunity to your advantage.

Where can you get the best CMA pendrive classes? 

TopLad provides you with the best quality CMA classes available in a pendrive or a google drive link. You can check out the following links and select the subjects you want to take pendrive classes for.

CMA Inter Pendrive Classes (Group 1)
CMA Inter Pendrive Classes (Group 2)
CMA Final Pendrive Classes (Group 3)
CMA Final Pendrive Classes (Group 4)

CMA pendrive classes can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You can choose the topics or the subjects for which you want the classes, and your coaching centre will provide that to you in the comfort of your home.

The cost of these classes for single subjects will be somewhere between Rs.5000 – Rs. 10,000.

If you wish to take classes for an entire group together, you can also checkout out TopLad’s website for combo offers, as we also provide the CMA inter pendrive classes in English at a very affordable price. Know more about the Combo Offers.