SIRC OF ICMAI – Southern India Regional Council

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SIRC of ICMAI refers to Southern India Regional Council, established by the institute of cost accountants of India. To understand what it means first you need to know about ICMAI and its four regional offices. 

The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (ICMAI) is a professional accountancy body and is the only recognized professional organization and licensed body in India that specializes exclusively in cost and management accountancy (CMA). It is under the ownership of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. 

ICMAI has established four other regional councils in four different parts of India, residing in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. The head office is situated in Kolkata and operates through all other reginal offices. 

These Regional Offices are:

  1. Southern India Regional Council (SIRC), Chennai 
  2. Northern India Regional Council (NIRC), New Delhi
  3. Western India Regional Council (WIRC), Mumbai
  4. Eastern India Regional Council (EIRC), Kolkata

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SIRC of ICMAI – Southern India Regional Council

SIRC OF ICMAI is the regional council body for southern areas of India established by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India. It caters to the needs of students, members, industry, and the public residing in the states of Tamilnadu, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and the union territory of Pondicherry. Their regional office is in Chennai and operates through 24 chapters and 26 CMA support centers in all over southern India.

SIRC – Southern India Regional Council, Offers the following facilities to it,s students:

  • Oral Coaching
  • Computer Training 
  • Job Opportunities

SIRC – Oral Coaching

Any student pursuing certification in CMA, preparing for its courses, is required to undergo complete coaching for the respective course. A student can go for one of the two types of coaching:

  1. Oral Coaching 
  2. Postal Coaching

Oral coaching refers to going to the institute for classes and pursuing your course whereas, in postal coaching, one doesn’t need to go to the institute but can study at home with the resources. For his/her oral coaching, a student can take admitted to a regional council or chapter or any other recognized oral coaching center. 

SIRC offers oral coaching for students. The duration of the course is four months and at the end, students are required to pass the examinations to achieve a coaching completion certificate. 

To apply for oral coaching, you can go to SIRC OF ICMAI and fill out the admission form. 

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SIRC – Computer Training

A student appearing for CMA intermediate course is required to undergo complete computer training before applying for the examination. The training is required for the purpose of teaching the students skills and knowledge to operate all the software in the management accounting field. 

For his/her computer training, a student can take admitted to the regional council or chapter or any other recognized oral coaching center/ computer training center. 

SIRC offers 100 hours of computer training for students. To apply for the computer training program, visit the official website of SIRC

SIRC – Job Opportunities

SIRC also presents job listings on their website where one can go and find the best suiting jobs for themselves. These job listings are regularly updated and situated in southern parts of India.

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