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Study tips and techniques for your final week before exams to get one step ahead

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The final week before exams can be hectic, right? You have those nerves working up, you’re stressed out, and probably have some topics left unperfected. You don’t know what to get done, what to leave untouched, how to cope with all the stress and whatnot. 

All the hard work and efforts you put in throughout the year will now be tested. And, you need to make sure they don’t go to waste! 

Well, don’t worry because you have landed in the right place! 

In this article, we will give you some effective tips on how to best utilize your final week of exams to be one step ahead of your peers. So, you don’t have to wander around clueless anymore and will know exactly what to do. 

Study Tips and Techniques for your final week

Read and Review Notes

Do you know we forget almost 70% of the information we have learned in less than 24 hours? Your brain might be good at consuming a lot of information at once but does it retain it all? Not unless you revise! 

What you need to do first is read all the notes you have made so far again. Read and review all of them. Try reading them out loud as it will help you retain better. 

Attend Doubt session and Revision Classes

You can also attend revision classes if your coaching institute provides them. Attending doubts sessions is also very important so anything you studied doesn’t go to waste. You should have a clear understanding of all topics when you enter your exam hall. 

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Mock Test Papers, Mock Test Papers, and Mock Test Papers!

Yes, that’s right. You need to practice mock test papers every day as much as you can. You will remember more, test better, and know how to tackle every question. You will also get in the habit of completing the exam in a given time. Make sure you complete one mock test in one sitting and in the set exam time. 

Try to practice at least one paper a day. As you practice, note your strengths, your weak points, and your threats. Strengths are the topics you always get right, weaknesses are the topics you can improve in and threats are the topics that even after many tries you can’t understand. 

In your exam, you must focus more on your strengths and spend as little time as possible on your threats. 

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Watch YouTube Videos

Watch videos on YouTube to understand some topics better or to get some more exam tips. You can search specific topics and get extra vital information. You can also find exam revision videos. Videos are an excellent way to learn and remember some things as our brains respond better to visual representation. 

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Focus more on core material

The first thing to do when you start your revision is to start with the core material. These include all-important formulas, important charts, and diagrams, theorems, important principles, graphs, and examples. 

Don’t start any new topics

Since it’s your last week before exams, starting any new topics might waste your time. You won’t be able to perfect it within this time and might even forget most of it. So it is best to focus on everything you have studied so far and perfect those topics. 

Ask someone to quiz you

Another great way to remember better and even test your knowledge is to let someone quiz you. Hand over your books or study material and let them ask you questions. Even if you get them wrong, the next time when the same question arrives in the exam, the answer will pop up. 

You can also make flashcards to help you remember. Writing something down can always make it clearer to our heads. 

Do stress-releasing activities

It is quite normal to get nervous or stressed out a week before your exams. Exam time can be tough. Being stressed out in your final week will lead to decreased productivity, lack of concentration, and creativity. When you enter your exam hall you should enter with a fresh mind. Bottom line is that stress is bad! 

What can you do to avoid it? Here are some activities you can do daily. 

  • Do a 20 min workout: Play a youtube video and do a workout for 20-30 minutes daily. Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood.
  • Give yourself a massage or get a massage: Play some music and massage your head and release all that tension. 
  • Practice meditation: You can find meditation music or podcast on Spotify. 
  • Go for a walk. Walk around the neighborhood or on your terrace several times a day. Walking also triggers those stress-releasing endorphins.
  • Do anything that engages your mind and you love to do: Dance, listen to music, play an instrument, spend time with people, etc. 

Think Positive!

This seems like such an obvious one but is the most difficult to execute. You have to think positively about yourself and your exam. Know you can do it. Sometimes believing in yourself is all we need to be successful. So fill your mind with positive thoughts. 

Get everything ready for exam day

You don’t want a rush on your last day so plan everything. Complete all exam requirements and buy all supplies. Don’t leave anything for the last day. This will also help reduce that stubborn stress because you will know you are ready. You will also have more time on the last day to pull some extra studying. 

The Bottom Line

The Final week before exams is hectic and stressful for everyone. Students often feel confused about what they should be focusing on. That’s why we bring them some tips to follow through. The main focus in your last week should be the revision. Practicing tons of mock test papers is a must. Watch Youtube videos to consume some extra knowledge. Focus on the core material and don’t start any new topics. Lastly, don’t forget to do some fun activities to manage stress and think positively!