Shivam Gupta

Shivam Gupta

Total Experience: 9+ Years

Teaching Experience: 8+ Years


i am a very professional person, like to work very sincerely. i am altruist but at the same time an opportunist also. very passionate about my job and like discipline and commitment from others.i am not so very keen in making everyone as friend, very choosy and make only selected friends. i am good to everyone and adjusting in nature, ego doesn't dominates me. a complete foodie but conscious about my health.family is top priority for me.

B.Com, M.Com, CMA Final

Area of Interest

  • 1. teaching
    2. traveling
    3. rea

Awards & Honors

    best teacher award at foundation and intermediate level by cma institute.

Professional Affiliation

    1. encouraged students to learn about their finance management by creating a series of lessons
    2. excellent presentation skills in the classroom
    3. dedicated to the education of students who want to learn