CMA Course Duration: How Long Does It Take To Become A CMA?

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CMA Course Duration: This is a question asked and wondered by many students. 

How long does it take to become a CMA?

It has become a silly joke among students and meme creators that completing the CMA course and becoming a Cost and Management Accountant can take an extremely long time. We often come across memes depicting that a student has now become an old man after finally becoming a CMA. Yes, that’s funny, but is it true?

We need to know what’s real and what’s a myth!

In this blog, we will talk about what is the duration of the CMA course in detail and put this question to rest for all. 

CMA Course Duration In India

It takes about 3-4 years to complete the entire CMA course and become a Cost and Management Accountant in India. But this highly depends on the number of attempts taken to complete the course. Let’s see how.

There are three levels in the CMA course. Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. 

The very first level is the CMA Foundation. Now, it takes about 4 months to study and prepare the syllabus. After which you can give the exam. So, you register, prepare, and take the exam in 4 months and wait for the results for 2 months after.  

Hence the duration of CMA Foundation is 6 months

Now, comes the Intermediate. After registering for CMA Intermediate, you have to wait about a year to take the exam. Intermediate levels require an 8-month study period (70 classes for 2.5 hours per subject) and we count 2 months for revision. Which leaves a 10-month study period. After completing the classes students can appear for the exam. 

Considering you appear for both the groups in one attempt, the duration for Intermediate is for 10 months. But if you are appearing for both groups separately, then add another 6 months for the next term. 

For the Final level, It takes about 18 months to complete which includes 15 months of practical training and study time. If you appear for groups 3 and group 4 separately, then add another 6 months. 

If you appear for both groups together: 34 months, 3 years

If you appear for both groups separately: 46 months, 4 years

So, that gives us a total CMA course duration to be about 3-4 years. 

Now, there is one condition to all of this, all the exams must be cleared in a single attempt. If a student takes multiple attempts to clear exams, the duration will increase by 6 months. So it only takes too long to complete the CMA course if too many attempts are taken. 

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Conclusion: What is the duration of CMA course?

The duration of CMA course in India is about 3-4 years. CMA Foundation takes 6 months to complete, CMA Intermediate takes 10 months to complete and CMA Final takes about 18 months. CMA Intermediate and Final have 2 groups each. If students take multiple attempts to clear an examination, it takes longer to complete the whole course.  

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