CMA Online Classes – A Complete Guide for You!

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Online classes gained a lot of light when Covid19 hit the world and everything shut down. Getting CMA online classes at the comfort of your house, helps you to have more self study time.

Here is a complete overview of CMA Online Classes 2022

Choosing where to take CMA classes and what to expect from them for all levels can be a tricky task. Especially in these current times, where education is online and thus most classes for CMA are now online. Most of you have landed on this blog confused about different things, some of you might be worrying if CMA online classes would be equally beneficial as in person, while others might worry about whether the fee structure is too high for CMA online classes or how to trust online classes. Well, sit back and relax because after reading this blog, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to expect and observe.

Table Of Content:

  1. What is the Mode of classes CMA coaching centers are offering?
  2. CMA Online Classes
  3. CMA Foundation Classes
  4. CMA Inter Classes
  5. CMA Final Classes
  6. How to get the best out of your CMA online classes?
  7. TopLad: Best CMA Coaching in Delhi

What is the Mode of classes CMA coaching centers are offering?

When you make the decision to pursue your CMA certification, the first major struggle you face could be choosing a study method. One might get confused about whether to go for the more traditional classroom route. Or should you enroll in a CMA online course?

Before covid-19, the classes were provided in the center, face to face, along with whiteboards and notes, which was obviously better than attending online classes. When you are face-to-face learning something, the communication is two-way, thus making it better to understand.

But, these days due to the pandemic, you never know when another wave hits, and you are faced with a lockdown in your city. The best way to tackle that is through online classes.

Students often spend a lot of time searching for “CMA classes near me” or “CMA coaching near me” but today, with online classes, anyone can study anywhere anytime from the best CMA coaching institutes in the country.

In the online mode of classes, a student has two options. He can choose to opt for live sessions with the teacher or go for recorded lectures which will be provided to him in a pen drive or a google drive link.

Before enrolling in a coaching institute, it is very essential to have proper knowledge and stats about them. Only after verifying the quality of education, you can go further with your classes.

Well, the first research you should do is to see how the CMA coaching is teaching,

  • On which platforms are they holding the classes?
  • Is it comfortable for you to use it?
  • How are they providing you with the lectures if you want to go through them again?
  • What if you want an individual lecture session about a particular topic?
  • What if you have doubts after the class? Will they create an individual meeting for you?

CMA online classes 

We all know that online classes paced up when covid-19 hit the world, as all the schools, colleges, educational institutions, and coaching centers were shut down. In the beginning, many believed that online classes were detrimental to the education industry. Still, as time went on and more experience was gained, online education proves to be quite efficient if used the right way, thus searching for CMA classes near me becomes old news as CMA classes are now coming to you at your fingertips and the comfort of your house.


The best part about CMA online classes is that it is convenient for the aspirants, as they can plan out a schedule of studying as what works best for them individually. It depends on the student if he/she prefers to study early in the morning or late at night. Online classes also save time and energy lost through extensive travel one would have to do in case of offline classes.


Through the internet, a whole new world of learning materials can be right at your fingertips. Access to online textbooks and online tests anywhere helps you to save time, thus leading to better learning. If you live in a small town but want to enroll in CMA coaching in Delhi for your CMA online classes, it’s not a problem with online learning.

CMA Foundation Classes

The CMA Foundation is the first level in the CMA course. There are total 4 papers in the CMA Foundation

  • Fundamentals of Economics and Management
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Laws & Ethics 
  • Fundamentals of business mathematics and statistics

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Should you take Online classes at the Foundation level?

The foundation level is the first for the CMA course. Let’s see some pros and cons to answer our question “should you take online classes for foundation level?”

Pros might include:

No Rushed learning

The foundation level covers the basics of this course and that should not be rushed. When taking online classes you have the option of replaying your recorded classes as many times as you want or watching the live session you were attending later again to understand all the topics thoroughly. In offline classes, you cannot ask the teacher to replay as many times as you want.


The classes are comparatively affordable in comparison to the cost of enrolling in a traditional offline class. Fortunately, you’ll find that many online learning programs offer quality courses at more reasonable prices – much cheaper than what you’d pay to sit in a classroom

Cons might include:


Depending upon the difficulty of the course, it is quite challenging to crack the exam, and often in that kind of stress, it’s not uncommon for online students to feel distant from instructors and completely cut off from peers.  When opting for a self-study online learning route, you may miss out on socializing with classmates, face-to-face interactions with teachers, as well as networking opportunities. Not everyone is a self-studier. Some students need constant guidance which can only be given in offline classes.

Fees for CMA foundation online classes-

Fees structure often varies from center to center as not every coaching center provides the same quality education, still, an estimated structure for CMA foundation online classes lies in between Rs.25,000-Rs.30,000 for all groups.

CMA Inter Classes

The CMA Inter is the second level in the CMA course. After you pass the foundation level you become eligible for inter level. The CMA inter-level consists of two groups of four subjects each.

The papers under group 1 are –
  • Financial Accounting
  • Law and Ethics
  • Direct Taxation (DTX)
  • Cost Accounting (CA)

The papers under group 2 are-
  • Operation Management & Strategic management (OMSM)
  • Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Management
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Company Accountant and Audit

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Amid covid-19, CMA inter-online classes are taking place on online platforms such as YouTube Live, Google meets, zoom meetings, etc. Not only this but recorded class videos are also being provided to the students.

For example, Toplad provides its students:

  • Video Lectures and Past Paper videos: where they have the past year’s papers solved by their best faculties
  • Capsule videos: which are 100% exam-oriented preparations
  • Chapter Wise Videos: where you can buy chapter-based classes for all the subjects for Inter level from the best faculty under one roof without worrying to pay for the whole subject.

Fees Structure

Inter online classes fee structure often varies from center to center as not every coaching center provides the same quality education, still, an estimated fee structure for CMA intermediate group 1 and group 2 often lies in between Rs.30,000-Rs.40,000 for all 4 subjects in each group.

CMA Final Classes

CMA final is the last step after you’ve cleared the CMA Foundation and Inter. The CMA final level consists of two groups of four subjects each.

The papers under group 3 are –
  • Corporate Law & Compliance
  • Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
  • Strategic Cost Management- Decision Making
  • Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

The papers under group 4 are –
  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (ITP)
  • Cost and Management Audit (CMAD)
  • Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation

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It is the most important level as your final future depends on this one. Opting for CMA final online classes can be of great help as it will save your time and energy for example traveling, as it gives you flexible timings to attend classes. If you are not able to attend the class due to some reason, you can get the recording of the class and get the first-time experience only

Fees Structure

CMA final online classes fees structure also often varies from center to center as not every coaching center provides the same quality education, still, an estimated fees structure for CMA final classes for CMA final group 3 and group 4 often lies in between Rs.35,000-Rs.45,000 for all 4 subjects in each group.

How to get the best out of your CMA online classes?

Nowadays, students have the privilege to see how a coaching center is teaching because, since the covid-19 hit, most of the coaching centers are posting their classes online like on YouTube, and holding live sessions. It gives students the chance to experience different coaching for free before finalizing one which they liked the best.

Well, every center gives its best to the students in this time where education is taking place online. It mostly depends upon the students how they seize the knowledge they are getting and use it to benefit themselves. Because of covid, it often seems like all the coachings have worked harder. They have worked irrespective of time as taking online classes can be a very hectic job. We have the privilege to be born in the digital era, where we can gain as much knowledge as we want. Use the recorded class to clear your doubts about the already covered topic, and ask them to schedule an individual class for you to clear your doubts. For example, you can visit TopLad’s YouTube Channel and see how much effort all the faculties are putting up so that the quality of the classes and knowledge is not compromised.

TopLad: Best CMA Coaching in Delhi

TopLad is one of the finest CMA coaching centers in the field today. We provide the best online classes and hold interactive YouTube live sessions. It has some of India’s best faculties, which hold great experience in the field. They provide many lectures in both Hindi and English, which I feel is a great feature. They also provide many unique features like:

  • Video Lectures
  • Past Paper videos, where they have the past year’s papers solved by their best faculties.
  • We offer capsule videos that are 100 percent exam-oriented.
  • Mock test papers
  • Individual face-to-face classes
  • We also provide Chapter Wise Videos. You can buy chapter-based classes for all the subjects from Foundation/Inter/Final from the best faculty under one roof without worrying to pay for the whole subject. You can also just choose your Favourite Faculty and buy your particular chapter.

To learn more about our interesting and unique features. Visit TopLad.

We hope this blog helps you in choosing the right CMA coaching classes for your CMA exams. If you still have any queries you can mail us at [email protected] or call us on our toll-free number 18003091245 and talk to our experts for free.