CMA Final

CMA Final Course is a Final Level Programme of CMA Course which is held twice in the year, in the Month of June and December.


Eligibility for Admission

Only CMA Intermediate qualified students are eligible to enroll to the Final Course of the Institute. There is no direct entry system to enter CMA Final.


Procedure To Take Admission In CMA - Final

Only the candidates who have passed Intermediate Examination of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India are eligible for admission to Final Course

  1. Copy of Intermediate Pass Marksheet is to be furnished along with the Admission Form
  2. Enrolment must be completed at least 4 (four) months prior to the commencement of Examination
  3. Students from foreign countries should submit the forms to the Headquarters only
  4. Admission can also be taken online. For details visit https://eicmai.in/students-new/Home.aspx\


Documents to be enclosed with application form

  1. Passport Photo (JPG/JPEG | 200 KB)
  2. Specimen Signature (JPG/JPEG | 100 KB)
  3. Age Proof (PDF | 300 KB)
  4. CMA-Inter Marksheet - Both Groups (PDF | 300 KB)


When to apply

For June term examination

On or Before 31st January of the same calendar year

For December term examination

On or Before 31st July of the same calendar year


Fee Details

Registration Fee of CMA Final Course (Both Group) – Rs.25,000 which can also be paid in two Instalments.

  1. 1st Instalment Rs.15,000 and 2nd Instalment Rs.10,000.
  2. Payable on or before 31st January for June term and 31st July for December term of examinations

Examination Fee of CMA Final Course Rs.1400 per Group


CMA Final Syllabus

CMA Final Syllabus has been divided into two Groups. CMA Final subjects are provided down below. 


  1. Corporate Laws & Compliance (Paper-13)
  2. Strategic Financial Management (SFM) (Paper-14)
  3. Strategic Cost Management - Decision making (Paper-15)
  4. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (Paper-16)


  1. Corporate Financial Reporting (Paper-17)
  2. Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (Paper-18)
  3. Cost and Management Audit (Paper-19)
  4. Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation (Paper-20)


Subject Exemption Scheme

Those who have passed a particular Group of Final Examination under Syllabus 2012, willing to pursue the course under Syllabus 2016, would be eligible for exemption under Syllabus 2016.


Training During CMA Final Course

A student registered for Final Course under the Syllabus 2016, has to undergo compulsory “INDUSTRY ORIENTED TRAINING PROGRAMME (IOTP)”


Compulsory “industry Oriented Training Programme (IOTP)” For Final Students

  1. A student, enrolling for Final Course under Syllabus 2016 has to complete ‘Industry Oriented Training Programme’ before filling up the Form for Final Examination for both or remaining group(s) of final examination.
  2. Training Scheme: This will cover training on compliance requirements and their preparation under various statutes and shall be imparted as under:
Day Topics for Technical sessions Soft Skill
Day-1 Book-keeping including Bank reconcilation statement Career planning
Day-2 Finalization of Accounts Business Etiquette & Business Ethics
Day-3 Direct Tax Communication & Drafting Skill
Day-4 Indirect Tax Presentation Skill
Day-5 Cost Audit & Cost Management Group Discussion Skill
Day-6 Banking, Treasury Management & Financial Systems Interview Skill
Day-7 Industry/Factory Visit


Practical Training

Students have to undergo 3 years of practical training according to the guidelines provided by ICMAI, 15 months of which should be completed before appearing in both or remaining group(s) of Final examination. 

12-days Pre-placement Orientation Training Programme For Final Passout Students

Topics covered:

  1. Resume Writing/ Communication Skills/ Soft Skill Training/ Tips to crack Interview & Group Discussion/ Interview Skills/ Professional Email Writing/ Power Point Presentation
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. ERP
  4. Basics of Accounting/Corporate Accounting (Practical Aspects)
  5. Company Law (Special emphasis on Companies Act, 2013)
  6. Financial Management (Practical Aspects)
  7. Cost Sheet Preparation [Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules, 2014]
  8. Audits in Corporate World
  9. Cost Accounting Standards
  10. Ind AS
  11. Goods & Services Tax (GST) / Customs Act
  12. Direct Tax (Practical Aspects)
  13. Emerging issues: Valuation and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
  14. Securities Market
  15. International Finance
  16. Banking, Insurance & Financial Services

Fees : 4,000/- to be paid at the time of registration for this training programme


Financial Assistance To Economically Challengedcum-meritorius Students

Institute continues its endeavour further in promoting and propagating the profession and education of cost and management accountancy to reach the unreached. As a part of professional social responsibility and to empower Intellectual Capital in the country, Institute has taken initiative to support economically challenged yet intellectually talented students by providing financial assistance. For further details of the scheme - please refer to Website: www.icmai.in


Oral Vs. Postal Scheme

Postal Coaching

  1. A student desirous of undergoing Postal Coaching need to opt for same at the time of admission in CMA Final
  2. Foreign Student shall have to undergo Tuition through Postal Coaching only.
  3. Application in the prescribed form must be sent at Headquarters to Directorate of Studies, “THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA”, CMA Bhawan, 12, Sudder Street, Kolkata-700016, India
  4. The Identification Number/Registration Number should be clearly and correctly quoted in all correspondence with the Directorate of Studies, Kolkata and the Regional Council
  5. Any change in student’s address should immediately be communicated to the Directorate of Studies at Headquarters and the respective Regional Council
  6. Enrolment for coaching (Postal or Oral) must be completed at least 4 (four) months prior to the month of Examination
  7. Study Materials for each subject are provided to the students


Oral Coaching

  • A student desirous of pursuing the course under Oral Coaching has to get admitted in a Regional Council or Chapter or Recognized Oral Coaching Centre or CMA Support Centre with coaching facilities at the time of admission in CMA Final
  • Duration of Oral Coaching for a group in Final Course is 4 months having a minimum of 240 lecture hours for Lectures and Tutorial classes per group
  • Each lecture hour shall be of 45 minutes duration
  • A student has to appear for examination for each subject conducted by the Regional Council/ Chapter/ Oral Coaching Centre.


A. “Students opting Postal Coaching Scheme can –

  • Register and pay on-line, either by credit card, debit card or Net Banking;
  • Final Students can avail the installment facility under Syllabus 2016.
  • Deposit the prescribed fee in cash at any branch of Punjab National Bank, IDBI Bank or Central Bank of India (on specified challan, available in the students download section at www.icmai.in)


B. Students opting Oral Coaching Scheme can –

  • Register and pay on-line, either by credit card, debit card or Net Banking;
  • Final Students can avail the installment facility under Syllabus 2016
  • Deposit the prescribed fee in cash at any branch of Punjab National Bank, IDBI Bank or Central Bank of India (on specified challan, available in the students download section at www.icmai.in).


Passing Criteria

  1. Pass in a Group in Final Examination: A candidate shall be declared to have passed in a group of an examination, if he secures minimum 40% marks in each paper of the group and an aggregate of 50% of total marks of non-exempted papers of that group
  2. A candidate will be declared passed in an examination if he passes all groups in that examination
  3. A candidate who has passed the examination obtaining 70% marks of total marks of all papers Final examination at one sitting shall be deemed to have passed the examination with distinction
  4. Exemption: If a Candidate is unsuccessful in passing a group but secures 60% or more in any paper or papers, he shall be exempted in the paper from appearing in subsequent examination. For calculation of aggregate in the subsequent examination of the group, the marks in each of the exempted papers will be reckoned as 50
  5. Carry Forward of Marks: If a candidate is unsuccessful in passing a group but secures 60% or more in any paper and minimum 40% marks in each of the remaining papers of the group at a time, he shall be exempted in that paper from appearing in subsequent examination and allowed the benefit of carry forward of actual marks of that paper in his subsequent examination of the group
  6. The benefit of carry forward/exemption is allowed for the immediately successive three terms of Examination from the term in which the exemption is secured in the paper(s) by appearance in examination
  7. The benefit of exemption or carry forward of marks mentioned above, shall automatically cease if a candidate, on his own, appears in any examination for such exempted paper(s)
  8. The benefit of carry forward in a paper earned by a candidate in the examination under Syllabus 2012 will be treated as only exemption in the corresponding equivalent paper(s) in Syllabus 2016. For details of exemption mapping between the two Syllabi, please see website: www.icmai.in
  9. An examinee: Who appears for both Groups of Final Examination, with or without any exemption : – obtains at least 40 percent marks in each paper appeared; and also obtains at least 50 percent marks in aggregate, taking both the Groups together shall be declared to have qualified Final Course, as the case may be.
  10. Students who have not appeared in examination under syllabus 2012, no credit of passing/qualifying in any group would be offered to such student since they have not appeared under syllabus 2012. They need to appear and pass both group of Final under syllabus 2016.



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