CS Executive Online Classes 2024: Syllabus, Study Material, Revision Classes

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CS Executive is the second level of examination in the company secretary course. It consists of two modules; Module I and Module II. There are a total of eight papers to be covered, each module containing four each. Examination for these modules can either be given together or separately depending on a student’s preference. 

CS Executive classes will cover paper vise or subject vise courses for both modules. Students can also opt for combos for these modules. CS executive classes can be offline as well as online. For offline mode of classes, students can register for face-to-face classes with a coaching institute near their residential areas, and for online classes, they can opt for live classes or pre-recorded video lectures. These lectures will be provided in a pen drive or a google drive link. 

ICSI released a new syllabus for the CS executive level that all students must follow from now on. The old executive syllabus had been discontinued. Students registered in the old syllabus also have to refer to the new syllabus. 

Let’s look at the CS Executive new syllabus provided by ICSI and what you will be studying throughout the course. 

CS Executive New Syllabus: Module I & Module II

Module I

Paper 1: Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws (One Part)
  1. Constitution of India
  2. Law of Torts
  3. Interpretation of Statutes & Other General Laws

Paper 2: Company Laws
  1. Part A: Company – Law, principles, and Concepts 50%
  2. Part B: Company Administration and Meetings – Law and Practices 40%
  3. Part C: Company Secretary as a profession 10%

Paper 3: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure
  1. Part A: Setting up of Business 40%
  2. Part B: Registration, Licence & Compliances 35%
  3. Part C: Insolvency, Liquidation & Closure of Business 25%

Paper 4: Tax Laws
  • Part A: Direct Taxes 50%
  • Part B: Indirect Taxes-Goods and Services Tax 50%

Module II

Paper 5: Corporate and Management Accounting
  1. Corporate Accounting 60%
  2. Management Accounting and Valuation 40%

Paper 6: Securities Laws and Capital Markets
  1. Securities Laws 70%
  2. Capital Market and Intermediaries 30%

Paper 7: Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws
  1. Foreign Exchange Management and NBFCs 40%
  2. Competition Law 25%
  3. Business and Commercial Laws 35%

Paper 8: Financial and Strategic Management
  1. Financial Management 60%
  2. Strategic Management 40%

CS Executive Classes: Study Material

For clearing any competitive exam, having the right strategy and the right resources are very essential. CS executive study material such as books and notes is a must for every student. When you decide to enroll in a coaching institute or take classes from anywhere, make sure they are providing you with all the resources you need. Otherwise, it can be very time-consuming to look for each and everything over the web and still not know the quality of the material. 

Study material and resources for these classes include:
  • Books about these subjects such as Company Law, Tax Laws
  • CS Notes for specific subjects
  • CS Mock test Paper
  • CS Previous year papers
  • Video lectures
  • CS Revision Classes and Crash courses
  • Scanners

Books are a very important resource for any exam. They provide very detailed and descriptive information about subjects. A good book will contain everything you need such as the syllabus, chapter vise study, test series, past year papers, solutions, and more. They even consist of flow charts, images, and summarized theory for easy understanding. It is highly recommended to use books for your executive exam preparation. 

A good set of notes is a must for every exam. They can help your understanding of a subject and also provide a way for revision. It’s always advised to make your own notes too while you take classes or do self-study as they will be the most beneficial to you.

When you are finished with one subject, go through the notes for a quick revision. Also, do the same a few days before your exam. It is recommended that you focus on notes and mock test papers during the last week of your exam and not study anything new. 

You can check out TopLad’s CS Executive Notes curated by the best CS faculty in Delhi, India 

You must also use previous year’s question papers regularly as they will help you understand the pattern of the exam, the type of questions asked, and how to correctly answer them. They will also help you get in the habit of writing and solving papers. Solve at least one question paper or mock test paper for continuous quality progress.

Download CS Executive previous year’s question papers for CS executive module I and module II 

How much will these classes cost?

A single module of CS executive can cost around Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. You can get cheaper rates if you buy at the time they are offering discounts. Websites come out with offers and discounts pretty often for their students so you can get a good deal on your company secretary’s online courses. 

If you opt for paper vise or subject vise courses, they can cost between Rs. 3000 to Rs 8000. 

CS Executive Online Classes and Subject Vise Courses 

When you are looking for CS executive online classes, it is very important to make sure the quality of classes is good as you will be spending a lot of money on them and they will determine your future. 

How can you ensure the quality of CS executive classes?

  • You can visit their youtube channel and check out their live/video classes 
  • Do a background check on their faculty. If the institute has a good faculty then you will surely be in good hands
  • Make sure they provide relevant study material to their students
  • Do they provide doubt sessions and revision classes to their students?
  • You can check their reviews on google
  • You can ask other students who are already studying there

For CS executive paper vise courses, you can click on the links below:

Paper 1: Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws Click Here
Paper 2: Company Laws Click Here
Paper 3: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure Click Here
Paper 4: Tax Laws Click Here
Paper 5: Corporate and Management Accounting Click Here
Paper 6: Securities Laws and Capital Markets Click Here
Paper 7: Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws Click Here
Paper 8: Financial and Strategic Management Click Here

If you are looking for module vise courses, you can check out CS EXECUTIVE COMBO OFFERS at TopLad. 

CS Executive Revision Classes

Just studying the complete syllabus once is never enough in a competitive exam. Since most of the information you obtained will be lost by the time you finish the entire course. That is why it is very important to attend revision classes for these courses. Revision classes will take you through the entire syllabus in a fast and quick manner where you will be focusing on the important and relevant topics. Studying the syllabus quickly one more time will ensure better retention of information. You can also use notes for revision. 

Why you should choose TopLad Online Classes?

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