ICSI CS Executive Study Material – New Syllabus

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Download CS Executive study material for the latest syllabus. CS Executive Notes, Books, Scanners, Previous year question papers

Having the right study material is like having the right guns and armor in an online shooting game. Too far?

For a course as challenging as the company secretary course, if you don’t have the right resources in your possession, you could end up at the far end of the line instead of being at the top. 

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India provides study material to their students to guide and prepare them for examinations. CS Executive study material can include books, notes, scanners, previous year papers, mock test papers, etc. 

ICSI CS Executive Study Material

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India provides CS executive study material on their official website that students can download and refer to. Paper vise or subject vise study material can be found there.

If you wish to download the material, follow the instruction given below.

Step 1: Go to the official portal of ICSI
Step 2: A new page will open. Click on “Executive Program”

Step 3: Choose the subject for which you want to get study material for 

Step 4: A PDF will open. Download it or print it out for your reference

cs executive question paper

You can also use these direct links to ICSI CS Executive study material and download paper-wise pdfs. Click on the links below for paper-wise study material. 

Module Paper Download Link
Module I Paper-1: Jurisprudence, Interpretation, and General Laws Click Here
Module I Paper-2: Company Law Click Here
Module I Paper 3: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure Click Here
Module I Paper-4: Tax Laws Click Here
Module II Paper 5: Corporate and Management Accounting Click Here
Module II Paper-6:Securities Laws and Capital Markets Click Here
Module II Paper-7: Economic, Business, and Commercial Laws Click Here
Module II Paper-8:Financial and Strategic Management Click Here

ICSI CS Executive – New Syllabus

As per the latest update, ICSI has released a new syllabus for CS Executive course. The old syllabus has been discontinued. Students registered for the old syllabus have to switch over to the new syllabus as it is mandatory. 

CS Executive New Syllabus

Module I

Paper 1: Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws (One Part)
  • Constitution of India
  • Law of Torts
  • Interpretation of Statutes & Other General Laws

Paper 2: Company Laws
  • Part A: Company – Law, principles, and Concepts 50%
  • Part B: Company Administration and Meetings – Law and Practices 40%
  • Part C: Company Secretary as a profession 10%

Paper 3: Setting up of Business Entities and Closure
  • Part A: Setting up of Business 40%
  • Part B: Registration, Licence & Compliances 35%
  • Part C: Insolvency, Liquidation & Closure of Business 25%

Paper 4: Tax Laws
  • Part A: Direct Taxes 50%
  • Part B: Indirect Taxes-Goods and Services Tax 50%

Module II

Paper 5: Corporate and Management Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting 60%
  • Management Accounting and Valuation 40%

Paper 6: Secuities Laws and Capital Markets
  • Securities Laws 70%
  • Capital Market and Intermediaries 30%

Paper 7: Economic, Business and Commercial Laws
  • Foreign Exchange Management and NBFCs 40%
  • Competition Law 25%
  • Business and Commercial Laws 35%

Paper 8: Financial and Strategic Management
  • Financial Management 60%
  • Strategic Management 40%

CS Executive Books for your Exam

Books are a very important resource for any exam. They provide very detailed and descriptive information about subjects. A good book will contain everything you need such as the syllabus, chapter vise study, test series, past year papers, solutions, and more. They even consist of flow charts, images, and summarized theory for easy understanding. It is highly recommended to use books for your executive exam preparation. 

CS Executive Books Recommendations

Shuchita Prakashan Scanner CS Executive Programme (Green Edition) Paper-1 Jurisprudence, Interpretation And General Laws for June 2020 Exam
Company Law
Company Law Made Easy
Company Law – Paper Objective Compilation
Shuchita Prakashan Scanner CS Executive Programme Module – I (2017 Syllabus) Paper – 3 Setting Up Of Business Entities And Closure For June 2020 Exam
Tax Laws & Practice With MCQs
Solution Securities Laws and Compliance
Shuchita Prakashan Scanner CS Executive Programme (Green Edition) Paper-5 Corporate And Management Accounting for June 2021 Exam
Shuchita Prakashan Scanner CS Executive Programme (Green Edition) Paper-6 Securities Laws And Capital Market for June 2021 Exam
Strategic Financial Management

CS Executive Scanners – Can you pass your exam with them?

Are scanners helpful in passing your CS exam?

A scanner is a book or a pdf consisting of all the previous year’s questions that came in examinations. It is a collection of questions that have previously come in exams. They can be solved or unsolved.

A scanner may include the following:

  • Chapter-wise questions
  • Questions with solutions
  • Examination trend analysis
  • Quick glance at the chapter contents
  • Repeatedly asked questions
  • Test series

CS Executive Scanners can be helpful as an additional source of preparation. They however are not sufficient if used alone. One cannot depend on them. You can practice several questions and solved answers, you can browse through chapters or subjects in a quick way, or can check out the examination trend for previous years. Scanners are best used if you have a lot of time, but close to exams, you may want to focus on other study materials like mock test papers or notes.

CS Executive Notes and Previous Year Papers

A good set of notes is a must for every exam. They can help your understanding of a subject and also provide a way for revision. It’s always advised to make your own notes too while you take classes or do self-study as they will be the most beneficial to you.

When you are finished with one subject, go through the notes for a quick revision. Also, do the same a few days before your exam. It is recommended that you focus on notes and mock test papers during the last week of your exam and not study anything new.

You can check out TopLad’s CS Executive notes curated by our faculty! 

CS Executive Notes

You must also use previous year’s question papers regularly as they will help you understand the pattern of the exam, the type of questions asked, and how to correctly answer them. They will also help you get in the habit of writing and solving papers. Solve at least one question paper or mock test paper for continuous quality progress.

You can download Previous year’s question papers for CS executive module I and module II from the following link.

CS Previous Year Question papers

Study Tips to Ace your Exam

  • Along with your coaching classes and lectures include a few hours of self-study every day. 
  • As you complete the syllabus of one paper, start practicing mock test papers or previous year papers for it. 
  • Allocate some extra time just for reading. Reading about relevant topics or books about your course can expand your knowledge and level of understanding.
  • Plan out a schedule of studying in such a way that you give yourself sufficient time to study and also do other things you love every day. 
  • Instead of just focusing on a single subject for too long, try to inculcate other subjects side by side. 
  • If you have an obligation or some other important things to do someday, make the best of online video lectures as they can be viewed anywhere at any time. 
  • Revise, Revise and Revise. Before your exam or after you complete the syllabus of a paper, make sure to do proper revision.