Assistant Manager

Bank Of America

5-6 Years Not Known Final Qualified 18 Floor, A Wing, OneBKC, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
Apply Before: 2022-05-12

Job Description

The Cross Border reports include reports submitted to Fed (FFIEC 009, FR 2510 etc.) and also to the US treasury (TIC reports)The Call team files FFIEC 031/FFIEC 041 and FRY 9C to the Federal Reserve Board. These reports collect basic financial data of commercial banks in the form of a balance sheet, an income statement, and supporting schedules. The Report of Condition schedules provide details on assets, liabilities, and capital accounts. The Report of Income schedules provides details on income and expenses.The NBS Reporting team – reports on assets, liabilities and off-balance sheet items for the Non-Banking Subsidiaries of the bank domiciled in US and Outside US.Broker dealer reporting team– Supports daily and monthly activities to ensure compliance with Regulation 15c3-3 and 15c3-1The Projects group is involved in Governance & Control and Issue management support.
  • Experience:5-6 Years
  • Salary Offered:Not Known
  • Education:Final Qualified
  • Apply Before:2022-05-12

Job Summary