CMA Job Opportunities In India

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CMA jobs opportunities have grown tremendously over years. Once you are done with your CMA course, your professional front will enlighten with so many good CMA jobs opportunity,

CMA Jobs: CMA is one of the most reputed designations in India today. It offers promising opportunities in the financial sector. Once you are done with your CMA course, your professional front will enlighten you with so many good CMA job opportunities. 

Today, every large-scale business requires a team of CMAs. CMA’s are responsible for the allocation and management of funds of the business. They also need to focus on financial analysis and decision-making aspects for the sustainable development of business. They are specialized in implementing advanced technologies in cost and overall business management, keeping updated with the recent trends in global business.

CMAs working in organizations or various corporations will manage all the financial decisions and budgeting, they decide what to pay the employees, prepare budget sheets and handle overall costing in the firm. So, basically, it all has to do with money and cost hence the financial sector. 

CMA Job Opportunities in India – An Overview

In this globalized world, many organizations and companies require costing professionals such as Cost Accountants (CMAs). A CMA has specialized knowledge of business strategy and value creation. Cost Accountants are the foundation on which enterprises are built. The specialized education and training by the Institute make the Cost Accountant a multi-faceted professional. 

CMAs are the driving force in all economic activities, as they are the value creator, value enabler, value preserver, and value reporter. Over the last few years, the importance and scope of CMA have been on the rise due to India’s economic growth, the large foreign businesses entering its market and the Make in India movement. 

Although, a career in CMA shows comparatively lower scope than professions like Chartered Accountants (CA) or Company Secretary (CS). They are said to be currently higher in demand. As Chartered Accountants are a legal requirement in a company and CMAs are a business requirement, only large-scale companies can afford to hire them. 

But the scope and demand are currently on an upward bend and are believed to go higher and higher. CMA is called the course of the future as it will be very high in demand in a few years. 

CMA job opportunities have been increased in the following sector such as:

  • Government Sector
  • Banking and finance sector
  • Education Sector
  • Private sector
  • Training sector
  • Research sector
  • Service and public utility
  • Medical/ Health Services
  • Information Technology (IT)

Job roles and job opportunities after CMA

  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Auditing
  • Financial Planning
  • Determine the Prices of Goods and Services.
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Cost Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Corporate Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer 

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Salary of a CMA in India

With great jobs come great responsibilities come great salaries. No doubt this course can lead to high earnings. A student who has cleared intermediate group 1 level can get between 1 – 6 Lakhs per annum, and after clearing group 2, if he/she scored top rank in the examination can get between 3.8 – 17 Lakhs per annum.

But this is just the salary before even completing the entire three-level course. A CMA certified (who has cleared all three levels) can get a starting salary of 7 – 20Lakhs per annum.

Though the average salary for a fresher in India is 5-7 Lakhs per annum. High positions such as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) can earn up to 40Lakhs per annum. 

Job opportunities after CMA in India

Finding a job is easy. Finding a good job can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look for. 

The very first thing you need to do is to make sure you have an updated resume. If you are at the exploring stage and are applying for several different positions then you will need different resumes for different positions. 

After you got your resume done, the next step would be to start making profiles on job-seeking platforms. Remember to add as much information as you can to these profiles to highlight your best skills and experience. 

Here are some platforms you can try:


Another thing you can do is to search for good companies near your location or according to the job profile you want to apply for and keep checking their website for available jobs. You can also ask around your friends and family for recommendations on good companies.  

Things to Consider while choosing a Company

There are several points to consider when putting yourself out in the job market so you end up with the right job. Have a look at them below.

  • Salary: Make sure the firm you are choosing meets your salary expectation. When working in a big firm, you should focus on learning instead of money, because the experience you will gain there would be very beneficial and if you do good you can always get salary increments later. Sometimes the name itself can do wonders for you. In average or small companies you should make sure to meet your salary requirements. 
  • Location: Where the company is located? Would you have to relocate? Are you willing to relocate? Check out all offices and the ones near you. Once you get the job you will be required to travel to the office at least five days a week (unless you are opting for work from home) and it might not seem like it before but it can make you very tired if the office is far from your home. So, location matter a lot. 
  • Growth Opportunities: The main thing we are looking for is career growth, isn’t it? So, you need to know if the company holds growth opportunities as per your requirements or not. If you, as an employee will be able to learn and grow in your career working with them.
  • Work Culture: No matter how big the company, if the work culture is poor it’s not worth it. How do they treat their employees? Is there too much stress and pressure in the environment? Do they care about employee welfare? If it is a big company then you can get all this information from the internet. Otherwise, you can have a chat with present or previous employees of the company to get some insights. You can also read employee reviews on google, glassdoor other several websites. 
  • Job Profile: Getting a good profile is equally important to the size of the company. There are a lot of companies that will be offering the profile you are looking for so you don’t need to settle. Getting the right profile will ensure you learn and grow in the field of your choice and the field which has scope in the future.

Top companies in India to apply for CMA jobs

Some of the top companies where you can get great job opportunities after CMA in India are:

  1. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited: Multinational professional services network with offices in over 150 countries. They provide auditing, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal services.
  2. Ernst & Young: Multinational professional services network with offices in over 150 countries. They are headquartered in London. They provide financial audit, consultancy, tax, and advisory services. 
  3. Price Water Coopers: Second largest professional services network in the world. They have offices in 157 countries
  4. Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdele: British – Ditch multinational professional services network has offices in 145 counties. They provide financial audits, tax, and advisory.
  5. Reliance: Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Mumbai. Reliance is one of the largest profitable companies in India. It is also the 10th largest employer in India with over 236,000 employees.
  6. TATA: Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Mumbai. it is India’s largest conglomerate, with products and services in over 150 countries, and operations in 100 countries across six continents.
  7. Bajaj: the group comprises 34 companies and its flagship company Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world’s fourth-largest two- and three-wheeler manufacturer.
  8. ITC Limited: Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Kolkata. ITC has a diversified presence across industries such as FMCG, hotels, software, packaging, paperboards, specialty papers, and agribusiness. The company has 13 businesses in 5 segments. It exports its products to 90 countries. 

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CMA Jobs

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