PAPER-6 Economic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws CS Executive Mod-2



a To equip the students with working knowledge about Economic & Commercial Laws.
b To provide conceptual & basic understanding of Intellectual Property Laws.

1Level of Knowledge : Working Knowledg

*Law relating Foreign Exchange Management :
*Current and Capital Account Transactions
*Liberalized Remittance Scheme
*Acquisition & Transfer of Immovable Property in India
*Export of Goods and Services
*Realization and Repatriation of Foreign Exchange
*Reserve Bank of India

2. Foreign Direct Investments – Regulations & Policy :

*Automatic Route of FDI
*Approval Route of FDI
*Prohibited Sector
*Permitted Sector
*Foreign Portfolio Investments
*Non-Debt Instrument Rules & Regulations
*Filing of FCGPR form & other Returns

3. Overseas Direct Investment:

*ODI Policy
*Foreign currency remittances
*Setting up of Subsidiary/Joint Venture/Branch Office abroad
*Filing of Return

4. External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)

*Eligible Lender
*Eligible Borrower
*Parking of EBC
*Filing of Returns

5. Foreign Trade Policy & Procedure:

*Focus of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)
*Legal Basis of the Foreign Trade Policy
*Importer Exporter Code (IEC) Number
*Status Holder
*Imports and Export Policy
*Deemed Exports
*Trade Disputes
*Various Schemes under Foreign Trade Policy & Procedure

6. Law relating to Special Economic Zones:

*Establishment of Special Economic Zones
*Approval and Authorization to Operate SEZ
*Setting up of Unit
*Special Economic Zone Authority

7. Law relating to Foreign Contribution Regulation:

*Introduction and Objective
*Eligible Contributor
*Eligible Receiver
*Offences and Penalties

8. Prevention of Money Laundering:

*Process of Money Laundering
*Adjudication, Attachment and confiscation
*Obligation of Banking Companies, Financial Institutions and Intermediaries
*Problem and adverse effect of money laundering
*Offence of money laundering
*Enforcement Directorate

9. Law relating to Fugitive Economic Offenders:

*Declaration of fugitive economic offender and procedure therefor
*Attachment of property
*Powers of Director and other officers
*Power of survey, Search and seizure
*Declaration of fugitive economic offender

10. Law relating to Benami Transactions & Prohibition :

*Benami Property
*Benami Transaction
*Prohibition of Benami Transaction
*Authority & Adjudication of Benami property

11. Competition Law:

*Competition Policy
*Anti-Competitive Agreements
*Abuse of Dominant Position
*Overview of Combination;
*Regulation of Combinations l
*Competition Advocacy
*Competition Commission of India
*Appellate Tribune

12. Law relating to Consumer Protection:

*Consumer Protection in India
*Rights of Consumers
*Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums
*Nature and Scope of Remedies
*E-commerce & Direct Selling Guidelines

13. Legal Metrology:

*Standard weights and measures
*Power of inspection, seizure
*Declarations on prepackaged commodities
*Offences and penalties

14. Real Estate Regulation and Development Law:

*Registration of Real Estate Project
*Real Estate Agents
*Real Estate Regulatory Authority
*Central Advisory Council
*The Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
*Offences, Penalties and Adjudication
Part II : Intellectual Property Laws (40 Marks)

15. Law relating to Patents:

*Applications for Patents
*Publication and Examination of Applications
*Inventions Not Patentable
*Opposition Proceedings to Grant of Patents
*Restoration of Lapsed Patents
*Surrender and Revocation of Patents
*Working of Patents
*Compulsory Licenses and Revocation
*Infringement of Patents

16. Law relating to Trade Marks:

*Classification of goods and services
*Conditions For Registration
*Procedure for and Duration of Registration
*Absolute grounds for refusal of registration
*Assignability and transmissibility of registered trademarks
*Collective Marks l Certification trademarks
*Trade mark Agent
*Infringement of Trade Mark

17. Law relating to Copyright:

*Meaning of copyright
*Works in which copyright subsists
*Registration of Copyright
*Ownership of Copyright
*Assignment of copyright
*Term of copyright
*Licences by owners of copyright
*Copyright Society
*Infringement of Copyright

18. Law relating to Geographical Indications of Goods :

*Geographical Indication
*Application for registration
*Procedure for and Duration of Registration
*Effect of Registration
*Prohibition of registration of geographical indication as Trade MarK

19. Law relating to Industrial Designs:

*Registration of Designs
*Prohibition of registration of certain designs
*Certificate of registration
*Copyright in Registered Designs 
*Industrial and International Exhibitions
 *Piracy of registered design