ICSI CSEET Result | Steps to Download Scorecard, Verification of Result and Passing Criteria

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Steps to download your scorecard online, verification of answer sheets, merit list, passing criteria, and previous year's passing percentages.

Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is the entry-level examination that one must clear to enroll in the Company Secretary Executive Program. CSEET exams are held 4 times a year, in the month of January, May, July, and November. 

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) releases CSEET results on its official website through online mode. ICSI does not provide a physical copy of your result but a download link that all students can go to online. It takes them about 4-6 weeks after the examination was held to declare results. so the wait isn’t long. 

In this article, I will take you through the steps to download your scorecard online, the details mentioned in your result, merit list and passing criteria, the procedure of how you can verify your results, and also mention the previous year’s passing percentages for your assistance. 

Steps to Download your CSEET Result

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to download your scorecard:

Step 1 – Visit – ICSI’s official website

Step 2 – Move your mouse over to the “STUDENT” option present on the home page

Step 3 – From the drop-down menu, click on “Examination” 

Step 4 – On the Examination, page click on the link present for the ICSI CSEET Result for the year you took your exams.

Step 5 – Enter log-in details such as your registration number and password. 

Step 6 –  Download your scorecard multiple times for safety and save

Details Mentioned on your CSEET Result

When you download your scorecard, the following are the details that will be mentioned on it. 

Your Name
Your Roll Number
Qualifying status for the CSEET exam
Marks obtained in each paper
Total marks obtained in your exam

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Merit List

After the declaration of the result, ICSI releases a merit list that includes the names of toppers/rank holders on their official website. The merit list will contain the top 25 rank holders of the CSEET exam. Students can check out and download the merit list from the official website. 

CSEET Result – Passing Criteria

To pass your CSEET exam, you need a minimum of 40% in all individual subjects/papers and an aggregate of 50% in total. So, if you studied well and understood all the concepts and topics thoroughly, then surely you will be able to pass and perform well on your CSEET exam. 

Verification of Results 

After checking your CSEET result online, if you are not satisfied and think there might have been an error in checking, you can apply for verification of your result within 21 days from the date when the result was announced. You can apply for verification of your answer sheets for only two reasons:

  1. If one or more answer is left unchecked or unmarked.
  2. If there is an error in the calculation of your total marks.

 No other reason or doubt will be verified.

You can apply to obtain certified photocopies of your answer sheets within 30 days of declaration of result. You will be charged a fee for each paper you want to get answer sheets for. 

The Procedure for Verification of your CSEET Result

You can follow these step-by-step instructions for the procedure of verification of your result.  

Step 1 – Visit – ICSI’s official website

Step 2 – Enter your Login details such as registration number and password

Step 3 – on your dashboard, move your mouse over to the header menu and click on “Module” 

Step 4 – In the drop-down menu click on “Exam” and then choose “Verification Of Marks/Inspection/Certified Copies of Answer Books” 

For more detailed information, you can visit –

CSEET Pass Percentage

CSEET pass percentage refers to the percentage of candidates that passed the exam in a particular year in a particular term i.e., January, May, July, or November. ICSI declares the pass percentage every year for all the exams. 

CSEET Exam  Pass Percentage 
January 2022 66.10%
July 2021 64.14%
May 2021 70.13%
January 2021 73.39%
November 2020 78.98%

What After ICSI CSEET Result?

Students who have passed the CSEET examination with the above-mentioned passing criteria can move on to the next level i.e., CS Executive, and begin their preparation. If in case, a student fails to meet the passing criteria, he may apply again and appear in the next examination. 

What if you fail your CSEET exam?

If your CSEET result is not what you wished for, if the status on your result is “fail”, then don’t worry! You can give the exam again. Register again, pay the exam fee, and start studying. Do not quit or be demotivated for long, because valuable things don’t always come that easy and you might just need to follow a different approach to pass.

Reasons why students fail CS Exams:

  1. Not giving sufficient time for studying
  2. Not giving sufficient effort
  3. Not understanding the concepts correctly

It is very essential to plan ahead and start your preparations early enough to give yourself sufficient time to study all the subjects and understand all the concepts. Not starting early enough usually takes you at the back of the line already. If you did plan ahead and gave yourself sufficient time to study but failed to grasp the concepts completely then all you might need is some coaching. There are several online platforms that offer online classes, lectures, study material, and videos for specific topics and concepts to prep you for CS exams and help you get a great score.

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