CSEET Syllabus 2024: What Will You Be Studying?

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Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is an entry-level test that every candidate pursuing the course of Company Secretary must take. The Company Secretary course consists of two programs, the Executive and the Professional, and to be eligible for Executive, a candidate must clear CSEET first. 

Students can also avail of an exemption from CSEET if they meet the conditions laid out by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). 

To know what these exemptions are, check out the following article:
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ICSI also provides a syllabus for CSEET that must be followed. CSEET consists of 4 papers. What you will be studying in them is given below.

CSEET Syllabus 2024

Paper 1: Business Communication

This paper focuses on your communication and presentation skills. A Company Secretary is a professional in a company who is required to communicate reports, share vital information within and outside the organization, convey issues, and show presentations, hence they are expected to have knowledge of various business formats and good communication skills.

Topics to be covered:

  • Essentials of Good English
  • Communication 
  • Business Correspondence 
  • Common Business Terminologies 

Paper 2: Legal Aptitude And Logical Reasoning

In this paper, you will learn about the various acts drafted from the constitution of India and some business and commercial legislation that have a direct effect on the functioning of a company. This paper also explains to you your roles and responsibilities as a Company Secretary in a company. 

The next part tests your logical reasoning skills and aptitude. The questions are quite tricky and require a lot of practice and thought process.

Topics to be covered:

Part A: Legal Aptitude
  • Indian Constitution 
  • Elements of General Laws (Indian Contract Act and Law of Torts)
  • Elements of Company Secretary’s Legislation  
  • Elements of Company Law 
  • Legal Reasoning

Part B: Logical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Paper 3: Economic and Business Environment

The first part of this paper focuses on the study of economics. A Company Secretary plays an advisory role in the corporate field. He advises businessmen to make the right decisions for the company as well as the nation. Hence the study and complete knowledge of economics are vital.

First, you will study economic dealings with global aspects in relation to economic development, and crisis management. The next part consists of business environment dealings, factors affecting the organizations, and the regulatory bodies.

Topics to be covered:

Part A: Economics
  • Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition 
  • National Income Accounting and Related Concepts 
  • Indian Union Budget 
  • Indian Financial Markets 
  • Indian Economy 

Part B: Business Environment
  • Entrepreneurship Scenario 
  • Business Environment
  • Key Government Institutions 

Paper 4:
 Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication skills

The Institutes of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) expects students to be updated with general knowledge on the current affairs relating to both, national and international issues. This paper will test that. It will cover topics relating to various international bodies, conferences, summits for sustainability, overall global development, treaties formed, and also various initiatives in the field of space and technology. 

Part B of this paper is for testing the communication and presentation skills of students. This part will include a viva voice where students will be asked questions that will not be based on the syllabus or knowledge but mainly to test their thought process and communication skills. For example “Why do you want to be a Company Secretary?”

Topics to be covered:

Part A: Current Affairs
Part B: Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills 
  • Written Communication Skills 
  • Oral Communication Skills

To successfully clear the CSEET examinations, a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in all of these papers and an aggregate of 50% marks in total. Only after this, he or she can enroll in CS executive. 

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