CA Course Fee Structure 2024 – How Much Does It Cost To Become A CA?

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Chartered Accountancy today, is one of the most reputed designations in our country. It has become the most popular career choice among commerce students after class 12th. More than 100,000 aspirants join the chartered accountant’s course every year with 45% to 50% of them being girls. 

No doubt, CA is an excellent career choice for many, but how much does it cost to be one? What will be the total fees for the CA course? 

The total cost to become a CA will involve CA course fees including registration, application, and some additional expenses, coaching fees for foundation, intermediate and final, and re-attempts. 

In this article, we will take you through all of these in detail and then reach a conclusion on how much it really costs to be a CA. 

Chartered Accountant Course Fee Structure

There are three levels in the CA course, namely Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. The fee structure for all three is given below. 

CA Course Fee for Foundation

CA Course Fees Indian Students International Students
Registration fees Rs.9000 $700
Examination fees Rs.1500 $325
Journal membership fees  Rs.200 $20
Prospectus Rs.200 $20

Total fees for the CA course foundation level is Rs.10,900

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CA Course Fee for Intermediate

CA Course Fees Indian Students International Students
Registration fees for a single group Rs.13000 $600
Registration fees for both groups Rs.18000 $1000
Examination fees for a single group Rs.1500 $325
Examination fees for both groups Rs.2700 $500
Journal membership fees 
Prospectus Rs.200 $20
Practical Training Fees Rs.6500+7000
Students Activity Fees Rs.2000

Total fees for the CA course Intermediate level both groups is Rs.36,600 and the single group is Rs.30,200

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CA Course Fee for Final

Chartered Accountant Course Fees Indian Students International Students
Registration fees  Rs.22000 $1000
Examination fees for a single group Rs.1800 $550
Examination fees for both groups 3300 $550
Journal membership fees 
Practical Training Fees Rs.14,500

Total fees for the CA course Intermediate level for both groups is Rs.39,800 and for the single group is Rs.39,300

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To sum up, 

  • CA Course fees for the foundation level are Rs.10,900
  • CA Course fees for the Intermediate level are Rs.36,600
  • CA Course fees for the Final level are Rs.39,800

Fee Structure for CA Coaching Classes 

When preparing for CA exams, it is a requirement to attend professional coaching for all three levels. You can enroll in any recognized coaching institution. How much will these classes cost? That is given down below. 

Note: These figures are approximate

Coaching fees for CA Foundation: Rs.30,000

Coaching fees for CA Intermediate both groups: Rs.60,000

Coaching fees for CA Final for both groups: Rs.1,50,000

There might be some extra expenses for buying study material such as notes, mock test papers, or past year papers. Some institutes include these in their packages and some charge extra so the final cost will depend on that condition. 

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If a student fails an exam, he can re-attempt it as many times as he wants. There is no limited number of attempts in CA exams. But, registration for a particular level is only valid for a few years after which students will have to revalidate it by paying a small fee. 

The registration period for CA Foundation is valid for 3 years, after which a fee of Rs.300 will be charged to revalidate. For the Intermediate level, registration is valid for 4 years and a fee of Rs.400 will be charged. The Final level registration is valid for 5 years and the fee will be Rs.500.

The conclusion

The Chartered Accountant Course fee which includes registration fee, examination fee, and other additional expenses will cost about Rs.87,300 for all levels. The coaching fee for all levels will cost around Rs.240,000. Students can take as many attempts as needed to clear CA exams. The fee for revalidation of registration is very minor.