Business Communication (CSEET Paper-1) CSEET


  To test the knowledge of the candidates pertaining to essentials of English Grammar and critical aspects of Business Communication.
  Total Marks: 50
  1 Essentials of Good English
  •    English Grammar and its usage-Noun, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjection, Voice, Articles, Tenses, Prefix and Suffix, Punctuations etc. 
  •    Enriching Vocabulary-Choice of words, Synonyms and Antonyms 
  •    Common errors in English 
  •    Words with multiple meaning  
  •    One word substitution  
  •    Words frequently mis-spelt  
  •    Homophones  
  •    Idioms and phrases  
  •    Proverbs  
  •    Abbreviations  
  •    Para jumbles  
  •    Sentence completion 
  •    Sentence arrangement 
  •    Sentence correction  
  •    Foreign words and phrases commonly used  
  •    Comprehension of passage and art of Summarizing 
 2 Communication 
  • Concept of Communication, Meaning and Significance of Good Communication 
  • Business Communication- Principles and Process  
  • Means of Communication- Written, Oral, Visual, Audiovisual 
  • Choice of Modes of Communication  
  • Communication Networks- Vertical, Circuit, Chain, Wheel, Star 
  • Commonly used Mediums of Digital Communication- Email, SMS, Voice mail, Multimedia, Teleconferencing, Mobile Phone Conversation, Video Conferencing etc 
  • Listening Skills-Types, Purpose, Steps to Effective Listening, Barriers to Effective Listening and Ways to overcome the Barriers  
  • Barriers to Effective Communication and Ways to overcome the Barriers 
 3 Business Correspondence 
  • Business Letters - Its Essentials, Parts, Types, Salutations 
  • Positive Messages, Negative Messages and Persuasive Messages  
  • Business Reports, Inter and Intra departmental Communication Office Orders, Office Circulars, Memorandum, Office Notes, Management I                      information System (MIS)  
  • Concept of Web, Internet and E-correspondence 
  • Intranet  Benefit and Purpose  
  • Email  Features, Procedure to Write a Formal Email, Email Etiquettes 
  • Essential Elements of Email- Subject line, Formal Greeting, Target Audience (Reader), Clarity and Conciseness, Formal Closing, Proof reading,                    Feedback 
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Email 
 4 Common Business Terminologies 
  • Terms defined under various Laws, Rules and Regulations including Financial and Non-Financial terms and expressions.