Operations Management & Strategic Management (Paper-9) CMA Inter Group 2


1. Operations Management Introduction:
  • Scope, characteristics of modern operations functions – recent trends in production /operations management.
2. Operations Planning:
  • Demand forecasting – capacity planning - capacity requirement planning - facility location - facility layout – Resource aggregate planning – Material requirements planning – Manufacturing resource planning – Economic Batch quantity.
3. Designing of Operational Systems and Control:
  • Product Design, Process design - Selection - Product Life Cycle – Process Planning – Process Selection.
4. Production Planning and Control:
  • Introduction – Control Measures – Time study, Work study, Method study, Job Evaluation, Job Allocation (Assignment Technique), Scheduling Queuing Models, Simulation and Line  Balancing – Optimum Allocaton of resources – Lean Operations – JIT – Transportation Model and Linear Programming Technique (Formulation of equations only).
5. Productivity Management and Quality Management:
  • Measurement techniques of productivity index, productivity of employee, productivity of materials, productivity of management resources, productivity of other factors – productivity improving methods – TQM basic tools and certification – ISO standards basics.
6. Project Management:
  • Project planning – project life cycle – Gantt charts, PERT and CPM.
7. Economics of Maintenance and Spares Management:
  • Break down Maintenance – Preventive Maintenance – Routine Maintenance – Replacement of Machine – Spare Parts Management.

Section B: Strategic Management [30 marks]
8. Strategic Management Introduction
  • Vision-Mission and objective
9. Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Situational Analysis – SWOT Analysis – Portfolio Analysis – BCG Matricses – Stages in Strategic Planning – Alternatives in Strategic Planning.
10. Formulation and Implementation of Strategy:
  • Strategy formulation function wise (Production Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Man Power Strategy) – Structuring of Organisation for Implementation of strategy – Strategic Business Unit – Business Process re-engineering.