Corporate Accounting And Auditing (CAA) (Paper-10 ) CMA Inter Group 2


1. Accounting for Shares and Debentures - 10%
  • Issue of Shares, Forfeiture of Shares, Rights Issue, Bonus Issue, Sweat Equity Shares, Employee Stock Option and Stock Purchase Scheme, Buy-back of Shares
  • Redemption of Preference Shares, Issue and Redemption of Debentures
  • Underwriting of Securities
2. Preparation of the Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet (As per Schedule III of Companies Act, 2013) - 10%
  • Statement of Profit and Loss (as per Division I of Schedule III)
  • Balance Sheet (as per Division I of Schedule III)
  • An Introduction to Division II of Schedule III
3. Cash Flow Statement - 10%
4. Accounts of Banking, Electricity and Insurance Companies - 10%
5. Accounting Standards - 10%
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Specified Ind AS with Comparative Provisions under AS
    • Presentation of Financial Statements (Ind AS 1)
    • Inventories (Ind AS 2)
    • Events after the Reporting Period (Ind AS 10)
    • Employee Benefits (Ind AS 19)
    • Earnings per Share (Ind AS 33)
    • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (Ind AS 37)

6. Basic Concepts of Auditing - 10%
  • Nature, Scope, Objectives and Significance of Auditing
  • Brief Introduction to Auditing Standards
  • Audit Engagement, Audit Program, Audit Documentations, Audit Evidence, Audit Note Book
  • Audit Risk, Assessment of Audit Risk, Internal Control, Internal Check, Internal Audit - Industry Specific, Interplay between Internal Audit and Statutory Audit, Risk Based Internal Audit, Internal Financial Control and Internal Control over Financial Reporting
  • Audit Sampling, Audit Techniques and Analytical Procedure (Including Scrutiny of Trial Balance and Grouping Schedules)
  • Application of Technology in Audit and Audit Trail
7. Provisions Relating to Audit under Companies Act, 2013 - 30%
  •  Statutory Audit – Auditor’s Eligibility, Qualifications, Disqualifications, Appointment, Resignation, Rotation, Remuneration, Removal, Rights and Duties, Liabilities, Branch Audit and Joint Audit, Role of Audit Committee
  •  Cost Audit
  •  Secretarial Audit
  •  Audit of Various Items of Financial Statements (with Special Emphasis on Audit of Inventory and PPE)
  •  Audit Report, Report vs. Certificate, Reporting Requirements under Companies Act, Contents of the Reports and Modifications in the Report (with Coverage of CARO)
  •  Report on Internal Financial Control over Financial Reporting
  •  National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)
8. Auditing of Different Types of Undertakings - 10%
  • Audit of Educational Institutions
  • Audit of Healthcare Organisations
  • Audit of Organisations in Hospitality Sector
  • Audit of Banks
  • Audit of Co-operative Societies
  • Audit of Local Self-Government