PAPER:3 Economic and Business Environment CSEET

Taught by Faculties:



a. To test understanding on concepts of Micro & Macro Economics with a focus on Indian economic system.
b.  To test understanding on various crucial elements of business environment.
Total Marks – 50 Marks
 Sub-part A – Economics (25 Marks
 Sub-part B – Business Environment (25 Marks)
 Sub-part A - Economics (25 Marks)

1.Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition

Theory of Demand and Supply
*Equilibrium Price
*Elasticity of Demand and Supply and other related concepts
*Increase and Decrease in Demand and Expansion and Contraction of Demand
*Forms of Market Competition- Monopoly, Duopoly, Oligopoly, Perfect Competition and Monopolistic Competition

2. National Income Accounting and Related Concepts  

 *Meaning and methods to compute National Income
*Key concepts of National Income (GNP, GDP, NNP, NDP, Domestic Income, Private Income, Personal Income, Disposable Income, Real Income and Per Capita Income

3.Indian Union Budget  

Key terminologies / heads covered under the budget
*Revenue and Capital Budget
*Major components of Revenue and Capital Budget
*Meaning of Fiscal Deficit
 *Components/ Variables covered under Fiscal Deficit

4.Indian Financial Market

*Overview of Indian Financial Ecosystem
*Key facets of Indian financial system
*Growth of Financial Institutions
*Public and private sector banks
*Industrial Finance Corporation of India and Small Industries Development Bank of India l Regional Rural Banks l Cooperative Banks l Non-Banking Finance Companies
*Basics of Capital Market: Types of Shares and Debentures
*Financial assistance scenario for Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-Up

5.Indian Economy

*Primary (Agriculture and allied activities)
*Secondary (Manufacturing) l Tertiary (Services)
*Current scenario of agriculture and allied activities in India
*Agricultural and Industrial Policies of India
*Current scenario of services sector in India
*Balance of Payments
*Components of Balance of Payments
*Favorable and Unfavorable Balance of Trade l Foreign Investments in India- Types and Flows

6.Entrepreneurship Scenario

*Government initiatives to foster entrepreneurship
*Need for entrepreneurship in India
*Bottlenecks in entrepreneurial growth

7.Business Environment  

*Overview of Business Environment
*Features and factors influencing business environment
*Types of environments: Economic environment, Socio-cultural environment, Political environment, Legal and Technological environment l Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank for India and Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) for States

8.Key Government Institutions  

*Basic awareness about various institutions and regulatory bodies in India such as NITI Aayog, MCA, SEBI, RBI, IBBI, CCI, NCLT and NCLAT