Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges (CSP Paper-7) CS Professional Mod-3

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Paper 7: Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges (Max Marks 100)

Part I :
To provide practical knowledge of means of finance available to corporates at their various stages of journey, their suitability, pros and cons, process, compliances etc.
Part II :
To acquire knowledge of legal & procedural aspects of various types of listing, eligibility criteria, documentation, compliances, etc.

Detailed Contents
Part-A: Corporate Funding (60 Marks)

1. Indian Equity- Public Funding: Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations,
    2009; Initial Public Offer (IPO)/ Further Public Offer (FPO); Preferential Allotment; Private Placement; Qualified Institutional
    Placement; Institutional Private Placement; Rights Issue; Fast Track Issue; Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT);Infrastructure
    Investment Trust (InvIT).
2. Indian Equity  Private funding: Venture Capital; Alternative Investment Fund; Angel Funds; Seed Funding; Private Equity.
3. Indian equity  Non Fund based: Bonus issue; Sweat Equity, ESOP.
4. Debt Funding   Indian Fund Based: Debentures, Bonds; Masala Bonds; Bank Finance; Project Finance including machinery
    or equipment loan against property, Loan against shares; Working Capital Finance- Overdrafts, Cash Credits, Bill Discounting,
    Factoring etc. Islamic Banking.
5. Debt Funding  Indian Non fund Based: Letter of Credit; Bank Guarantee; Stand by Letter of Credit etc.
6. Foreign Funding  Instruments & Institutions: External Commercial Borrowing (ECB); American Depository Receipt (ADR)/
    Global Depository Receipt (GDR); Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB); Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds (FCEB);
    International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Monetary Fund (IMF).
7. Other Borrowings Tools: Inter-corporate Loans; Commercial Paper etc.; Deposits under Companies Act; Customer Advances/
8. Non-Convertible Instruments- Non-Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares (NCRPs) etc.
9. Securitization.

Part B: Listing (40 Marks)
10. Listing–Indian Stock Exchanges
: Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements)
       Regulations, 2015; Equity Listing (SME, ITP, Main);Debt Listing; Post listing disclosures.
11. International Listing: Applicability of Listing Regulations, Singapore Stock Exchange; Luxembourg Stock Exchange; NASDAQNGSM,
       NCM, NGM; London Stock Exchange- Main, AIM; U S Securities and Exchange Commission.
12. Various Procedural requirements for issue of securities and Listing.
13. Preparing a Company for an IPO and Governance requirements thereafter, Appraising the Board and other functions in the
       organisations regarding the Post IPO/Listing Governance changes.
14. Documentation & Compliances.
       Case studies and Practical aspects.