Forensic Audit (CSP Paper-9.4) CS Professional Mod-3

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To understand and analyze the concept of Corporate Fraud and Forensics Audit in the contemporary world along with the legal
mechanism to counter the corporate fraud and understanding Forensic Audit and its methods.

1. Introduction: What is Fraud: Meaning and Definition under the Companies Act, 2013 and Criminal Procedure Code, 1973; Elements
    of Fraud; What is Audit; Forensic Audit; Need and Objectives; Fraud and Forensic Audit; Forensic Audit vis-a-vis Audit.
2. Fraud and Audit : Modern Day Scenario: Fundamentals of Forensic Audit; Fraud related Concepts; Kinds of Frauds; Corporate
    Frauds: An Insight; Live Cases; Directors’ Responsibilities.
3. Audit and Investigations : Tools for handling Forensic Audit and the Role of Company Secretary; Investigation Mechanism; Field
     Investigations; Methods of Investigations; Red Flags; Green Flags.
4. Forensic Audit : Laws and Regulations : Information Technology and Business Laws; International Laws and Practices; UK
    Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; Indian Laws; ICSI Anti Bribery Code.
5. Forensic Audit and Indian Evidence Law : Finding Facts; Relevant Facts; Admission of Evidence; Methods to Prove Cases.
6. Cyber Forensics : Introduction to Cyber Crime; International Guidance to Cyber Forensics Laws; Digital Forensics and Cyber
     Laws; Introduction to Data Extraction; Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime; Ethical Hacking, Digital Incident Response; Case Laws:  Indian and                       International.
7. Case Laws, Case Studies and Practical Aspects.