Insurance – Law & Practice (CSP Paper-9.2) CS Professional Mod-3

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Elective Paper 9.2:  Insurance – Law & Practice (Max Marks 100)

To impart knowledge on insurance related concepts to the students with the aim of broadening professional opportunities in
the arena of insurance.

Detailed Contents

1. Concept of Insurance : Risk Management; The Concept of Insurance and its Evolution; The Business of Insurance; The Insurance
     Market; Insurance Customers; The Insurance Contract; Insurance Terminology; Life Assurance products; General Insurance
2. Regulatory Framework of Insurance Business in India : Development of Insurance Legislation in India and Insurance Act 1938;
     Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) Functions and Insurance Councils; IRDAI and its Licensing
     Functions; Policy Holders Rights of Assignment, Nomination and Transfer; Protection of Policy Holders Interest; Dispute Resolution
     Mechanism; Financial Regulatory Aspects of Solvency Margin and Investments; International Trends In Insurance Regulation.
3. Life Insurance  Practices : Life Insurance Organization; Premiums and Bonuses; Plans of Life insurance; Annuities; Group
    Insurance; Linked Life Insurance Policies; Applications and Acceptance; Policy Documents; Premium payment, Life Insurance
    Corporation (L.I.C) of India; Policy Lapse and Revival; Assignment, Nomination and Surrender of policy; Policy Claims.
4. Life Insurance – Underwriting : Underwriting: Structure and Process; Financial Underwriting; Occupational, Avocational and
     Residential Risks; Reinsurance; Blood Disorders; Nervous System; Diabetes Mellitus; Thyroid diseases; Urinary system; The
     Respiratory System; Gastrointestinal (Digestive) System; Cardiovascular system; Special Senses: Disorders of the eyes, ears and
     nose; Law of contract; Life Insurance Contract; Protection of Interest of Consumers.
5. Applications of Life Insurance : Financial Planning and Life Insurance; Life Insurance Planning; Health Policies; Pensions and
    Annuities; Takaful (Islamic Insurance).
6. Life Insurance  Finance : Accounting Procedures - Premium Accounting; Accounting Procedures–Disbursements; Accounting
    Procedure: Expenses of Management; Investments; Final Accounts, Revenue Account and Balance Sheet; Budget and Budgetary
    Control; Innovative Concepts in Financial Reporting; Accounting Standard Applicable to Life Insurance Companies; Financial
    Analysis; Management Environment in India; Application of Financial Management Concepts in Insurance Industry; Taxation
    (Current Scenario); Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines and PML Act.; Compliance with IFRS (Involving Broader Concepts).
7. Health Insurance : Introduction to Health Insurance and the Health system in India; Health Financing Models and Health Financing
    in India; Health Insurance Products in India; Health Insurance Underwriting; Health Insurance Policy Forms and Clauses; Health
    Insurance Data, Pricing & Reserving; Regulatory and legal aspects of health insurance; Customer service in health insurance;
    Health Insurance fraud; Reinsurance.
8. General Insurance  Practices and Procedures : Introduction to General Insurance; Policy Documents and forms; Underwriting;
    Ratings & Premiums; Claims; Insurance Reserves & Accounting.
9. Fire & Consequential Loss Insurance : Basic Principles and the Fire Policy; Add On Covers and Special Policies; Fire Hazards
    and Fire Prevention; Erstwhile Tariff – Rules and Rating; Documents; Underwriting; Claims – Legal & Procedural Aspects;
    Consequential Loss Insurance; Specialised Policies and Overseas Practice.
10. Marine Insurance : Basic Concepts; Fundamental Principles; Underwriting; Types of Covers; Marine Claims; Marine Recoveries;
       Role of Banker’s in marine Insurance; Loss Prevention, Reinsurance, Maritime Frauds.
11. Agricultural Insurance : Glossary of Terms for Agriculture Insurance; Introduction to Indian Agriculture; Risk in Agriculture; History
       of Crop Insurance in India; Crop Insurance Design Considerations; Crop Insurance - Yield Index based Underwriting and Claims;
       Weather Based Crop Insurance; Traditional Crop Insurance: Underwriting and Claims; Agriculture Insurance in Other Countries;
       Livestock / Cattle Wealth in Indian Economy; Types of Cattle & Buffaloes; Cattle Insurance in India; Poultry Insurance in India;
       Miscellaneous Agriculture Insurance Schemes; Agriculture Reinsurance.
12. Motor Insurance : Introduction to Motor Insurance; Marketing in Motor Insurance; Type of motor vehicles, documents and policies;
       Underwriting in Motor Insurance; Motor Insurance Claims; IT Applications in Motor Insurance; Consumer Delight; Third Party
       Liability Insurance; Procedures For Filing And Defending; Quantum Fixation; Fraud Management and Internal Audit; Legal aspects
       of Third party claims; Important Decisions on Motor Vehicle Act.
13. Liability Insurance : Introduction to Liability Insurance; Legal Background; Liability Underwriting; Statutory Liability; General Public
       Liability (Industrial/Non-industrial Risks); Products Liability Insurance; Professional Indemnity Insurance; Commercial General
       Liability; Directors and Officers Liability; Other Policies & Overseas Practices; Reinsurance.
14. Aviation Insurance : Introduction; Aviation Insurance Covers; Underwriting-General Aviation; Underwriting Airlines; Underwriting-
       Aerospace; Aviation Laws; Aviation Claims; Aviation Finance.
15. Risk Management : Risk and Theory of Probability; Risk Management Scope and Objectives; Building up an Effective Risk
      Management Programme; Important Steps in Risk Management Decision Making Process; Alternative Risk Management; Enterprise
      Risk Management; Business Continuity Management and Disaster/ Emergency / Catastrophe Recovery Planning; Loss Exposures
      for Major Classes; Risk Management Checklists.
16. Corporate Governance for Insurance Companies.